UK Nanny Awards 2022 Winners



The sold out UK Nanny Awards 2022 took place on Saturday 11th June at Soho House White City.  Helen McCarthy CEO and founder of UK Nanny Ltd commented “it was lovely to see so many Nanny related professionals come together under one roof to celebrate the Industry.”

A champagne reception kicked off the afternoon followed by the first award being presented for Best Social Media Nanny. This went to Hellen Prideaux. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Heads and Tails was the name of the game which had everyone with either their hands on their heads or on their bottoms. Tricia Dowling UK Nanny of the Year 2020  tossed the coin to see who would win. So it was down to the last two, Charlotte Terrell the first UK Nanny of the Year 2019 and Matt Mason founder of Army of Nannies. Charlotte made the right choice and was awarded a tin of biscuits from Daylesford Farms.

At 3pm an array of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and the all important cakes were served to all the guests with either hot tea or coffee.

afternoon Tea

Whilst guests tucked into their tea a video was played of the four UK Nanny of the Year 2022 finalists reading “Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp.

UK Nanny Award Winners 2022

  •  Nanny Agency: Kensington Nannies and East Green Childcare Services.
  •  Nanny Payroll Company: Way2paye
  •  Nanny Insurance Company: Morton Michel (4th year in a row)
  •  Children’s Class: Funny Bones (4th year in a row)
  •  Nanny Facebook Group: Nanny’s Dinner Time
  •  First Aid Provider: Safe and Sound
  •  Children’s Community Group: Lancaster West Children’s Community Network ( 3rd year in a row)
  •  Nanny Training Provider: NEST


Photos of our 2022 Winners

East Green and Kensington

Nanny Agency East Green Childcare Service and Kensington Nannies


Nanny Payroll Company Way2Paye

Morton Michel

Insurance Company Morton Michel

Funny Bones

Children’s Class Funny Bones

Best Social Media Nanny

Social Media Nanny Hellen Prideaux

Nannies Dinner Time

Nanny Facebook Group Nanny’s Dinner Time

Children’s Community Group Lancaster West Children’s Community Network

UK Nanny of the Year 2022.   Joss Cambridge Simmons

Introducing Joss Cambridge Simmons as the UK Nanny of the Year 2022. Because Joss stated that he would still take the children outside as a rainy day activity our judges liked his out of the box thinking.

UK Nanny of the Year 2022

UK Nanny of the Year 2022 Joss Cambridge Simmons

Congratulations to all our Finalists and Winners.

UK Nanny Award Winners 2022

Photo by Nicole Engelmann London Branding Photos

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