Introducing Helen McCarthy N.N.E.B

Helen McCarthy is a Professional Qualified British Nanny (N.N.E.B) with over 30 years experience as a Nanny, NCS and Childcare Consultant. This has led her to working in Europe, Asia, USA, UAE and the UK.

founder of uknanny helen mccarthy
Helen has devoted her career to the care of children at all stages of life, with all levels of needs. Over the course of the past 20 years, Helen has developed an exclusive focus on caring for newborns. She has amassed a deep understanding of the needs and development of new-borns. This has included premature babies, twins, triplets and babies with allergies

In 2017 Helen, along with Sue Downey – the founder of Nannypalooza, brought together over 100 nannies from across the globe for Nannypalooza UK.

This became the first Anglo-American Nanny Conference on UK soil. In 2018 The Great British Nanny Conference was born.

In August 2021 she became the Co Vice President of the International Nanny Association (INA).  July 2022 saw Helen becoming the Co President of the International Nanny Association.

Helen McCarthy’s Career highlights

nanny of the year 2016
The International Nanny Association (INA) named Helen as their 2016 Nanny of the Year. This led to a trip to Australia where she spoke at Nannypalooza OZ. Helen was also featured in the Financial Times Documentary on the new Upstairs Downstairs and many other publications.

In 2018, Helen was elected to the Board of Directors of the INA. On 31st July 2022 Helen became the Co President on the INA and is delighted to have been selected for this position.

Building UK Nanny

Helen’s passion for educating Nannies to the highest level has seen the launch of UK Nanny Ltd – the only events company for Nannies in the world.

Helen’s favourite mantra explains why she is so passionate about the industry because when the work together they are stronger.

“Together, Nannies Are Stronger”

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