Kathryn Lord Professional Nanny and Author

Meet Kathryn Lord a Qualified Teacher with a Masters in Education. Having worked for 6 years as a Class Teacher from Reception to Year 3, she changed to become a Professional Nanny 5 years ago. In that time Kathryn published her first book “There’s More to Books than Reading – How to help your child bring stories to life” which helps Nannies and Parents bring education easily into the home. Kathryn runs a blog where she interviews children’s authors, recommends children’s books and activities using themes. Since lockdown, she also does live story time at 4pm every Sunday.

Speaking at Nationwide Events.

Kathryn presented workshops at both International Nanny Training Day and Nannypalooza UK. 2019 saw Kathryn speak at the Childcare Expo in Coventry. After a great success she has been ask to present again at the Manchester and London Expo too.


In 2016, she won an author award for inspiring creativity within children. Her book also won the Creative Play Awards in November 2019. The following month Kathryn also received an award from My Nanny Circle at their annual Ball in Brooklyn USA.

Kathyrn’s Support for UK Nannies Matter Campaign.

“I am a huge advocate for UK Nannies Matter Campaign, as I believe Nannies are not rewarded fairly for all the hard work they do. As a teacher, CPD was easy to come by and paid for by my employers. I think it is so important as a nanny to continue learning and developing to become the best that I can be”

It is important for Parents to regulate and check Nannies. But also for the Nannies safety, I believe Parents should also be regulated and checked as employers. This would give everyone the knowledge and safety necessary. You would be available to do this in any other position, such as HR departments.

Contracts, gross pay, holidays, sick pay and other important legal requirements which are mandatory in most other positions, should be a requirement for Nannies too!

Being a Professional Nanny is not a hobby, although I do love it. It is not a job for me, it is my career and should be regulated and awarded as such!

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