How to Nominate a Nanny for UK Nanny of The Year 2022

How to enter

Do you know an outstanding Nanny who goes above and beyond? The answer is probably yes. Why not nominate them for UK Nanny of the Year 2022.
How do I nominate my Nanny/friend for the prestigious title UK Nanny of the Year 2022? In order to nominate a UK Nanny here is our guide in 8 easy steps.

Step 1.
One nomination is all it takes from your employer or a friend but not yourself. Nominee’s must live and work in the UK.

Step 2.
The person nominating you needs to fill out a form. It needs to be completed and the minimum word counts are important as they can be make or break.

Step 3.
On completion of the form we will notified the nominee by email.

Step 4.
The nominee if they accept will have 6 weeks to complete their application and submit a video.

Step 5.
Three leading Childcare experts plus a family are given access to your application. You will also be invited to an interview via zoom which will be recorded.

Step 6.
Each judge marks your application out of 100.

Step 7.
All nominee’s are personally invited to the UK Nanny Awards Ceremony.

Step 8.
Nomination Form Here

Meet our previous winners

Charlotte Terrell 2019

Charlotte is a committed and Professional Nanny who has been inspiring children to be the best they can for over 20 years. She holds a BTEC, NDNN, along with a certification in Health & Social Welfare and has also completed her Bachelor of Science with the Open University. Her work has taken her all over the world and she maintains a keen interest in her former charges many of whom keep in touch with her at regular intervals, updating her on the events of their adult lives.

Tricia Dowling 2020

Tricia trained in Scotland under the SNNEB examination in 1984-86 having been deemed to short (5 inches to be precise) to be a police officer. She always wanted to go into the nanny side of it as she had loved watching Wendy Craig in the nanny. Tricia takes her role very seriously as parents are entrusting her with their most treasured possessions while they go to work. Having had actually very few jobs in her 32 years of nannying due to most positions having been long term.

Tricia says she’s a bit long in the tooth and try’s to keep up to date with new and exciting activities to do with the children and in particular in this job I have taken a few of the new NQN nannies under my wing and help them with issues and advice, they are all first year away from home and in particular during COVID many were struggling a bit. She made sure she contacted them to give them reassurance and often a laugh too. They shared craft activities and ideas of ways to spend the day.

Mimi Saunders 2021
UK Nanny of the Year 2021
Read about Mimi here

2019 UK Nanny Awards

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