UK Nanny of the Year 2021

Winner: Mimi Saunders

International Nanny Recognition Week started with the 3rd UK Nanny Awards hosted by UK Nanny Ltd. Sponsored by Army of Nannies and Tllid. The red carpet was rolled out and guests were treated to an afternoon of glamour and excitement,. Who would take home the title of UK Nanny of the Year 2021.

This years competition saw 8 nominees which became 4 finalists. Judge’s were Matt Mason Founder and CEO of Army of Nannies, Helly Summerly CO Founder of Army of Mums, Shada Lambert Professional International Nanny and Family X. Not an easy task to find one winner.

Tasks were set for each Nanny and a deadline set. All nominees completed an interview and various forms. Our Judges then marked each nominee. This award is the not voted for by the general public.

The scores from each judge were tallied up and a winner emerged. Mimi Saunders a career Nanny for over 36 years.

What Mimi’s nominator had to say

“Mimi has been my nanny since I was 6 months old – that’s nearly 17 years now! She is the most generous and loving nanny in this world, and I don’t know what I would do without her. She never stops smiling!! Mimi currently looks after two families in a nanny share (5 children in total!) The age range is from 16 to 3! We are all one big happy family because of Mimi! I will never be able to comprehend how Mimi balances looking after 5 kids, ferrying the kids to and from each other’s houses – all whilst staying so positive! Over the pandemic, Mimi did not stop working, despite the circumstances. As all of our parents are key workers, Mimi stepped in for the role of teacher, nanny and parent – from online school to fun activities to distract us from the gloom of lockdown, Mimi kept our families sane, and we cannot thank her enough. There’s no nanny better than Mimi – I can’t put it into words how amazing she is! She has worked with so many families and still stays in touch with the children who are now having their own children! She even worked for one family for 28 years! Mimi is not just a nanny; she is the best nanny, and she deserves this award more than anyone.”


Acceptance Speech

Mimi’s charges past and present

The Dream Team. Tricia Dowling, Mimi Saunders, Charlotte Terrell

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