Celebrating the UK Nanny Awards’ Winners 2020

We got there. We got our moment to celebrate the wonderful achievements of all of our UK Nanny Awards’ Winners 2020.

Not even a global pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing can hold us, Nannies, back! So for 2020, we went virtual.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to host the UK Nanny Awards 2020 online. Although we were sad not to have been celebrating everything Nanny at BAFTA.

Ten Awards, Eleven Wonderful Winners

New for this year were Best Community Support Group and Best Library Group along with the UK Nanny of the Year 2020 Award.

All ten awards were awarded, after community voting. And we had joint winners for the Best Community Support Group.

And Our UK Nanny Awards’ Winners 2020 Were:

UK Nanny of the Year 2020

Tricia Dowling

Best UK Nanny Agency 2020

East Green Child Care Services Ltd

Best UK Library Class 2020

Tina Fellows Brixton

Best UK Children’s Music Class 2020

Funny Bones

Best UK Nanny Payroll Company 2020

Payroll for Nannies

Best UK Nanny Insurance Company 2020

Morton Michel

Best UK Community Group 2020

Ilys Booker Centre and Puppet Praise Ascension Balham

Best UK Nanny Association 2020

Swiss Nanny Association

Best UK Nanny Facebook Group 2020

INA Members Group

Best UK Nanny Support Group 2020

My Nanny Circle

Congratulations to all of our brilliant UK Nanny Awards’ Winners 2020.

You are not only supporting families, nannies and little ones every day. But also shaping the future of the industry in which we work. #NanniesMatter

Highlights from the Virtual Event

Over a 30-minute zoom conference, we had over 100 virtual attendees; from Nannies and their friends and families to sector businesses and industry ambassadors. All there to celebrate the success of some of the brightest lights in our industry

Thank you for your continued support across a challenging 2020

I would never have thought that when we booked BAFTA back in March 2019 a nasty little bug called Covid-19 would try and end to our fun, but it didn’t.

A big thank you to those who decided to dress up in their glad rags and join us virtually. As the band, Queen said, ‘The Show must go on’, and it did.

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