UK Nanny’s Virtual Social

To help combat the self-isolation blues, every Sunday morning at 10.30am across lockdown, we will be hosting a UK Nanny Virtual coffee morning.

Come and join us online to see some friendly faces and to join a lively chat. No agenda, other than to kick back and relax and share some good times.

Everyone’s welcome!

Event Details

The virtual coffee morning takes place on Sunday mornings from 10:30AM
They are hosted on Zoom.

Here’s the all-important link you’ll need for access:
Click here for coffee meetup


As it’s the end of the week or the begining for some, you maybe feeling a bit blue.

We’ve even noticed some Nannies have used the virtual social as an excuse to open the make-up bag!

As we get deeper into these unusual times, we’ll be looking for ideas to spice it up so please do post any suggestions you may have on our social channels or in the comments section below.

Games, themes, quizzes or even a show and tell – whatever you feel will make it a fun and lively get-together.

Warning: Remember your camera and sound are on!!

Here are just a couple of our favourite bloopers ???

Coping in unusual times

We are all having to adapt to life with COVID-19 in our community. And even the strongest of us have moments when we struggle.

With that in mind, we invite you to share the highs and the lows on any of our social channels.

From reaching out to someone who might be able to understand what you are going through. To suggesting something that’s helped you get through a challenging moment. Whatever the situation, please do share.

We are a community of Nannies that are here to help and be helped. And, by using the tools we have at our fingertips, we can come together and support each other across these challenge times.

Never has our mantra been more important and relevant:

“Together Nannies Are Stronger”

Lets Keep Connected!

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