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Who are UK Nanny?

We are an events company founded by Helen McCarthy. She has great aspirations for the nanny industry not only in the UK but globally and aims to help others. By working with some of the industries leading companies in Tax, Insurance, Agencies and Associations we can achieve more.

“Together Nannies are Stronger”


Helen McCarthy

Helen was awarded the title of  International Nanny of the Year 2016 by the International Nanny Association.
She is NNEB qualified and has been in the nanny industry for over 27 years. 
Helen’s main focus is now newborns and as one of the pre-eminent Maternity Nurses she has amassed a deep understanding of the needs and development of newborns including premature infants, twins, triplets and babies with allergies.
Helen along with Sue Downey founder of Nannypalooza brought together over 100 nannies from around the globe for Nannypalooza UK 2017.

In May 2018 Helen was enrolled onto the Board of Directors of The International Nanny Association at their annual conference in Tucson Arizona.

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