UK Nanny Award Finalists



This year’s UK Nanny Awards take place on Saturday 11th June  in the wonderful setting of Soho House White City.

UK Nanny Awards are in their 4th Year and have 10 different award categories.

We are proud to introduce you to our amazing  UK Nanny of the Year 2022 Finalists. They have been independently judge by a panel made up of Parents, Nannies and Business owners.

We sent each finalist this year a copy of the book “Dogs Don’t Do Ballet“,  by Anna Kemp  which they had to bring to life on Zoom.

Robert Fox.

Robert Fox

Rob has worked in the Early years sector since 2008, he hold’s a BA Hons in Early Childhood Professional Studies (ARU Cambridge), and a FDA, in Early Years (Kingston) he has worked in Independent Schools in London, Cambridge and Italy, supporting Early years classes.
Rob’s education and career experience has provided him with a wide range of skills, combining this with an advanced knowledge and practical experience of the EYFS Framework.
Rob supports parents with practical help and advice with sleep training, toilet training, and child  behaviour management. He is active on social media and runs a group supporting Parents and educators, Rob offers parents nannying related support and is also available for travel nannying.


Joss Cambridge-Simmons.

Joss Cambridge-Simmons

Described as the UK’S leading “Super Manny”, Hackney’s Joss Cambridge-Simmons Is taking the modern childcare to next level.
Multi-talented Joss is founder of Jossy Care, a childcare service that has sent tongues wagging. Now frequently invited to deliver motivational talks on topics such as depression, domestic violence, children and the future. Joss is defying the odds to give back to the next generation.
His finger firmly on the pulse Joss knows only to well where many children who have the odds stacked against them will end up. In 2017 Joss gave his first public talk about his experiences and has not looked back.
Joss has gone onto speak at schools, podcasts, TV shows, adverts and also written blog pieces. Keen to address stereotypes in the childcare industry, Joss has spoken out about being refused jobs due to his gender and what challenges male nannies face

Shada Lambert.

Shada Lambert

Shada Lambert is a Award Winning Childcare Expert, International Career Nanny, Speaker, Parent Coach, Potty Training and Sleep Specialist, Entrepreneur and Nanny Mentor with over 18+ years of childcare experience. She prides herself on being a proactive,
loving, honest, supportive, bubbly, creative, professional, organised, fun, hard-working individual. Shada started her Nanny career in her teens and has gained extensive childcare experience over the years. She holds a MA in Childhood studies and Early years and a BA Honours in Dance and Drama. She combines her transferable skills in delivering a 5-star childcare experience. Shada has worked for Nanny families from all different cultures, HNWI, UHNWI and celebrities all over the world in countries such as Scotland, Middle East, UK, USA, Cyprus, Tanzania, Switzerland, Nigeria, Spain, Greece, Italy and more. She offers a range of  childcare services and is described as a “One Stop Nanny for all your parenting needs”.


Kathryn Lord.

Kathryn Lord

Some say Kathryn is a child whisperer. She definitely seems to have some magnetic energy as children seem to gravitate towards her. Kathryn’s mum owned a nursery so she grew up around young children so it’s in her genes.
Kathryn is passionate about bringing learning to life in the home through books and organising. Working as a nursery nurse, teacher, tutor and nanny, Kathryn’s whole life has been supporting children to grow and thrive.  It is an honour to be part of  children’s lives and being involved in supporting them to grow up.
To quote Whitney Houston, “I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier.”

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