UK Nannies Matter Voices

We are 8 weeks into the campaign, and really proud what we have achieved. It feels as though we are still gaining momentum. The support from the Early Years community has been nothing but amazing. So thank you!

We have been asked by so many Nannies “How can we get involved, we feel so passionate about this”. We have been thinking about how we can get the community involved. After all, this campaign is for YOUR profession and we want you to be able to have your say. So we have created the UK Nannies Matter Voices.

Over the coming weeks, we would like to hear from Nannies all over the country who would like to have their voice heard on this campaign. We would like a Nanny Representative from each county of the UK to coordinate the views and opinions of Nannies who work in their area. This is an opportunity for Nannies to have their input into how they would like their profession shaped. We have set up a Facebook group for this community, where you can all come together. Each month we will ask the Nanny Representatives to present their feedback to us and we will try our best to shape the best outcome of what you have all presented. We feel this way, you will ALL have a chance to ask questions and shape the future.

We will post updates in this group of progress, or perhaps disappointments, we have made with councillors/Department of Education and Government, so you are fully aware of the what stage we are at, and perhaps how we can continue to move forward with everyone’s support.

If you would like to be part of UK Nannies Matter Voices and make your voice heard, simply join the Facebook Group by following the link, and answer the questions. If you would like to become a Representative for your area please leave us a message via Facebook or the Campaign page. We will then pass your request to our Ambassador – Shada or our Voices co-ordinators – Lisa and Marianne.

Together Nannies are Stronger, and together we will make a change.

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