UK Nannies Matter Campaign Update June 2020

Questions raised and discussion outcomes.

The UK Nannies Matter Campaign launched on the 1st May 2020 has grown from strength to strength. In such a short amount of time, the outpouring of support from Nannies, Agencies and Early Years professionals has been simply outstanding.

Our Campaign supporters continue to grow, giving strength for the importance of the Nanny industry gaining regulation and recognition that is so desperately needed.

During such strange and unprecedented times of COVID-19, its has shown how Nannies can unite and create a community. Over 1000 Nannies and Parents have signed the UK Nannies Matter Petition, this continues to grow.

“As we have always said, ‘Together Nannies Are Stronger’.”

Since launching we have gained some wonderful press coverage about the campaign. We have achieved so much within the first 6 weeks, but we still have a lot more to do!

Naturally there are lots of questions about the UK Nannies Matter Campaign. What will it mean for the Nanny industry? How can be we get involved to support and help?

It was a pleasure to answer some of these questions on the Live Zoom meeting. It was open to all who were interested, to ask questions and learn more about the campaign. Thank you to all those who gave their time to join this meeting. Giving your support with of course your valid and relevant questions. Thank you also to those who emailed us their questions as they were unable to attend. We have said from the offset we are here to listen, support and raise the profile of the Nanny industry.

Campaign Ambassador

Shada Lambert, also known as Nanny Sharz, was so enthused and passionate about making a difference she emailed us asking how she could become involved, support and make a difference. This was a honour. Shada has been appointed as the first UK Nannies Matter Campaign Ambassador. Thank you for your passion and dedication- it’s fantastic!

Please let us know if you would like to become an Ambassador. How you can help and support the campaign.

The UK Nannies Matter Campaign Team are all volunteers. We all have full time jobs within our fields, from working as full times Nannies, to running an agency. We do not take a salary of any kind. UK Nanny and the campaign is fuelled by our mutual love, passion and commitment of the Nanny Industry. Bearing this is mind, response to emails will not be immediate, but will always be responded to.

Here are some of the questions we were asked:

Why set up another campaign when there is already a similar campaign for the regulation of Nannies?

There can be many campaigns fighting for similar outcomes. At UK Nanny we felt we wanted to raise awareness by having more voices stressing the importance of regulation for Nannies, for the safeguarding of children and a career path for the profession. During the pandemic, Nannies turned to us in confusion and looking for support. This highlighted that we needed to do more for the industry. We came to the decision to raise a new campaign, as we really care about this profession and the careers of fellow Nannies. UK Nanny felt there needed to be an added force to lean on government to get our voices heard.

Supporting hundreds of Nannies across the United Kingdom by:

  • providing CPD events
  • advice and support from hosting Nanny meet ups
  • recognition of the sector through our UK Nanny Awards.

Why the need for Regulation?

Most of the answers to this question are highlighted in our aims and missions statement. Regulation and gaining a professional status will give the sector respect, empowerment, protection of Nannies and protection of children. A career path for the professional Nanny to aim for. A minimum standard of knowledge and practical care for caring for children. This would run in line with the other settings in the Early Years sector. Finally, educating parents and carers of different level and expertise of Nanny they will be hiring. We feel that these are all very important factors to be aiming for when children are involved.

The COVID-19 Pandemic also highlighted the lack of clarity and recognition for Nannies during this difficult and unprecedented time. Every sector has questions, but the Government seemed to concentrate heavily and guide on all regulated professions and unregulated professions were left to work it out on their own.

Questions we were asked were:

  • Can we be furloughed?
  • Can Nannies work?
  • Is it safe for nannies to work?
  • What a Nanny role is? ie Government compared us to childminders when they are very different roles!
  • In fact the Government seemed to forget about Nannies all together!

Nannies turned to UK Nanny for support and guidance. Some Nannies had been left with no choice regarding their work, to either work, or loose their job. Others had to move into their professional family’s homes or work longer hours. In other recognised professions, employees would turn to their HR department or Government for guidance. Nannies simply did not have this option available.

Why the need for a guided pay scale?

We felt that having a guided pay scale set up for parents and carers would educate them. This would therefore justify what they would be paying for. Example, a Junior Nanny, with 2 years experience or newly qualified Nanny maybe on a slightly lower wage than a Nanny who had 10-15 years experience.

We hope this answers some of the questions, but if you have any more, please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas or suggestions. Please get involved! We are the voices of the campaign, not the deciders of the outcome. These are all suggestions and “aims” of the campaign and we had to start somewhere. They are certainly not set in stone, as whoever our regulatory body will be, will ultimately decide on the path of the regulation, if we ever get that far. Here’s hoping!

This is the UK Nannies Matter Campaign – “Together Nannies are Stronger”
PS Don’t’ forget to
sign the Petition!

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