John Warren and Working in Childcare

John Warren has over 30-years experience in the childcare sector. From Ofsted inspector to nursery manager – John has covered many roles. He now consults – with his agency John Warren Consulting – with many local authorities across training and safeguarding needs.

John Warren’s Story

In 1982 I was on community work placement in a primary school. My high school insisted that I work there for six weeks if I wanted to stay on in the sixth form.

At the school, I was introduced to a Nursery Nursing tutor from a local college. They thought it would be a good idea if I did a nursery nursing course as I was receiving good feedback.

Starting Out In Childcare

A year later and my journey into a career in childcare began. I enjoyed most placements, but really loved my family placements.

One day a week I was a daily Nanny for a local family and had a new family with new babies each year. On day one of college, when asked what I want to do when I leave, it was easy, a Nanny.

At the end of the two years the same answer a Nanny. I planned to work a year or two in the UK then move abroad and Nanny.

A Tough Start

However, after 42 rejected applications, I began to lose hope. So I decided to phone families and find out why they had not even invited me for an interview, age, experience, I was qualified so that was not the problem.

After half a dozen phone calls, I knew why – back in the early eighties there was no political correctness. They all answered the same, ‘We just don’t want a man look after our children’. I was heartbroken but knew I wanted to stay in childcare.

A Rewarding Career

I have had an extremely rewarding and varied childcare career. And I am about to embark on a new venture alongside my consulting into early years recruiting, to include nannies.

Already people are asking “why are your recruiting Nannies with the Nursery staff” . My answer is simple, Nannies are the forgotten people of the childcare and education sector, they are overlooked and undervalued.

Their job is rewarding and unique. And the service they offer to the children is as valuable as any other childcare setting for children under five. We are not in competition, we merely offer childcare and education for children in a different way.

What If?

Nearly 40 years on and I still look back and think what would have been if I had been a Nanny? And I still wish I had been given the chance to find out. However, now I hope to support parents to find the right Nanny and the Nanny to find the right family.

“I want to see Nannies recognised for the wonderful and valuable work they do. And this is why I am supporting UK Nannies Matter.”John Warren

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