How Army of Nannies Supports Your Search

Hello, Army of Nannies are big fans of UK Nanny, so it’s a pleasure to tell you a little about our platform and how we help nannies.

I’m Matt, and I’m the founder of Army of Nannies.  We’re in our fourth year and want to offer the best service possible to our platform’s families, agencies and – most importantly – nannies.

Only with excellent nannies on the site do we have a viable business.  So we must always learn, respond and adapt to represent you as best we can.

Army of Nannies and what our platform brings to your search

The easiest way of describing the site is like a dating agency but for families and nannies (and agencies too).

You create a profile, and we aim to find you the strongest matches.

Complete your profile with our five-step guided process

So, you’re a French-speaking, pet-loving, eDBS-holding, musical nanny with a driving licence.

No problem. You can list everything that makes you unique and advise your childcare skills, experience level, availability, gross hourly rate, etc.

And if things change, you can head to Your Profile and update your information at any time.  You can also upload your CV and accreditations.  But they are only ever shared with jointly approved contacts.  Therefore, we keep your details safe and sound.


With Army of Nannies, you are in control

The most important thing to remember is that it’s your search, and you are in control.   Once you have completed your profile, you will land on your dashboard’s match list that presents the roles that best fit your profile.  You (and you alone) choose which roles to invite a connection with and which invitations to accept.

Access to hundreds of roles from families and agencies

We cover all types of roles:  Full-time, part-time and temporary contracts.  We also cover ad hoc tole through our NannySitting™ services.  So, if you’re between positions or looking for extra hours, this could be a great way to secure extra hours.

We will present you positions from families and a selection of agencies that are best in class.  So, a profile on Army of Nannies reaches a broad spectrum of opportunities.

Help to secure your Enhanced DBS (eDBS)

We have a partnership with the brilliant Personnel Check that enables all nannies with an AoN profile to secure their eDBS for £59.

Why is the price so reasonable?  Because we don’t mark it up.  We should help nannies secure their eDBS rather than make money out of it.

Find out more

Access to a nannies-only FB group where we share featured roles first

Alongside their AoN profile, we encourage our nannies to join our nannies-only Facebook group so they can see our featured roles first.  And if a position on social media isn’t in their dashboard, they can use the search by name function, and it will magically appear.

Join the group

A personal and supportive approach

Yes, we are an online platform.  But we always aim to bring a personal touch to everything we do.  We always respond to messages and are happy to advise on building a solid profile.  We even offer support on CV writing to help nannies put their best foot forward.

And we’re there if things don’t go to plan.  We’ll always put ourselves in the middle of the issue to ensure consistently fair treatment of our nannies.

Are you ready to start your search?

We hope you’ll consider putting Army of Nannies in the mix of services when searching for a new role.

We’ll do all we can to help you find a lovely family!

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