Cheryl Bedding Early Years Consultant

Cheryl Bedding an Early Years Consultant and trainer explains to us why she supports the UK Nannies Matter Campaign. Cheryl has a wealth of experience working within the early years industry and its many elements. Throughout her career she has supported and delivered training for managers, practitioners in nurseries. She is also an associate trainer for the NDNA a tutor which provides a range of training for organisations and childminders.

Reasons for backing UK Nannies Matter Campaign

“The reason for backing this initiative takes me back to when I was 7 years old. From then I told my parents that wanted to be a Nanny, I wanted to care for children in their own homes, probably a little inspired by the original super Nanny herself, Mary Poppins, a film I watched endlessly and can even say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards!”Cheryl

Cheryl’s Journey

In 1994 Cheryl started her childcare journey with her NNEB. She worked hard and achieved her first dream role as a Nanny caring for 2 children. She spent 5 years as a Nanny for 2 separate families and thoroughly enjoyed it, the role enabled her to embed all that she had learnt through her training.

Childcare within a home environment can be a truly magical experience. An opportunity for care in small groups, supporting children’s emotional resilience and development of social skills in a known space. Cheryl chose a childminder for her own children for those very reasons. Childcare is delivered in many different settings and they all have their place, choice for parents, strengths and challenges. However, a home setting was the preferred environment and saw both her children thrive, develop deep, long lasting relationships and have a range of opportunities in their local community.

“Being a Nanny is such an unique position. Being accepted into a household and become part of the child’s wider family. An experience that will never be forgotten by the Nanny or child. In addition this enables you to support the most important years of a child’s life within their own home. Providing exciting, engaging and innovative learning experiences, a role that no other childcare practitioner is able to offer. UK Nannies do matter and with regulation comes recognition, something that the sector needs and deserves.”Cheryl

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