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I'm a Nanny not a Babysitter: Five Reasons Why

Nanny Not Babysitter: Five Reasons Why

82% of Nannies offer ad-hoc evening childcare


The word itself. I am not a babysitter. I do not sit on babies. If necessary, you can even get a t-shirt to clarify this.

I do occasionally crash into toddlers. You know, when you turn around and they're just THERE. Everyone does that though, right? Alas, back to the point. Actual baby-sitting. Nope. Not me.


So what am I? A nanny not a babysitter.
No, I see where your mind is wandering. Not a nanny goat. Not a granny either.

A professional nanny who works with children.


Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against babysitters. Unless they are really sitting on babies.
I used to be a babysitter myself when I was in school. When I didn't pay taxes. When cash in hand was acceptable as I was under 16 years old and not earning over the personal allowance amount.
Now though, all my work goes through the books. I'm not a babysitter. I'm self employed.
I can't and won't compete with teenage babysitters in terms of cost. I've tried, believe me, but at the end of the day, it isn't worth it. If you are happy with a teenager you trust looking after your kids then that's absolutely fine, I will not judge you, but that isn't me and I will be charging more for my services.


I know sometimes when you ask for a babysitter, you just mean evening childcare. Where does the evening really start though?For a whole day of childcare, you need a nanny. Suddenly the sun goes down, and a babysitter will suffice. We are't vampires, we can work evenings and we don't magically change into a babysitter.

Is it because the children are supposedly in bed? Will they be in bed when I arrive, or will I have to earn their trust, play games and think up activities, help with any homework, give them dinner, clean up after dinner, bath them, stick to their bedtime routine, read stories, reassure them that their parents will return and get them off to sleep then resettle them when they wake up and repeat?

It all depends on the ages of the children of course, but believe me, the image you have of a teenager sat on the sofa watching TV isn't a realistic one.


What is it I can offer you? Ad-hoc childcare.

I am still a nanny, and ad-hoc childcare is the service I can provide you. Daytime, evenings, weekends or overnight. One off, or several times. I can be flexible, but I can also turn you down. Being self employed gives me the freedom to pick and choose my clients and the times I am available. I can set my own fees, and these will be higher than the local teenager around the corner. The care you receive however will be far superior and you will know your children are safe and happy. I am not a babysitter, because I offer a whole lot more.

Nanny Not Babysitter

Next time you want a nanny to care for your children, if you could avoid the term babysitter I'm sure they would really appreciate it. Help us represent nannies as professionals. After all, you wouldn't call a doctor just a first aider, would you?

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