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Nanny Insurance

Nanny insurance isn't mandatory unless you are ofsted registered, but we still highly recommend you have it.
Your employers have to have insurance just in case anything happens to you, so it makes sense for you to have insurance should anything happen to your charges in your care and you are liable.

79% of Nannies have Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance, commonly abbreviated to PLI, helps to show you are serious about your nanny profession and many offer cover for babysitting too.

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Public Liability Insurance often have a support line you can call for advice and will cover you in case any child in your care has an accident which, no matter how eagle-eyed a nanny you are, can still happen.

Make sure you check the company providing your policy covers you for trips out of the house and if required abroad on holiday.

Our Nanny Lounge poll shows that Morton Michel is the most popular, with Childcare, Pacey and Nanny Insure also used.


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