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The Great British Nanny Conference

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8am-6pm    |     Novotel London West, 3 Shortlands, London W6 8DA

The Great British Nanny Conference is a one day conference being held in London with 6 workshops and a Keynote speaker.

The conference provides a high quality of training and support as well as giving you the chance to network with our Sponsors, vendors and like minded Nannies.

Our aim is to try and keep the costs as low as possible so that the conference is accessible for all. 

The Great British Nanny Conference gives you the option to choose from six workshops plus our Keynote speaker Dr Janet Rose Principle of Norland College.

We are the only CPD accredited Nanny Conference in the World.

No sign up required, just decide on the day. 

Workshops on offer include:

  • Bowel and Bladder problems in children
  • Self-Defence
  • How to chose a suitable Nanny Agency
  • Tax and Pensions
  • Sleep solutions (back by popular demand)

Your ticket also includes Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments and the all important Goody bag

Dr Janet Rose

Dr Janet Rose is currently Principal of Norland College, a specialist education and training  HEI for nannies and early years practitioners.  She is a former Reader in Education (Associate Professor) and has led various undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes at several universities, as well as various research projects in the early years. She has worked closely with the National College of Teaching and Learning and has presented her research at the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  She has undertaken numerous keynotes at both national and international conferences, most recently at Harvard University, Japan and Australia.  Her work focuses on behaviour and wellbeing, but includes work on leadership within educational institutions.  Janet has also undertaken training for a number of Local Authorities and professional organisations around the country and is the author of numerous academic and professional publications.  Her most recent include co-authoring a book on The Role of the Adult in Early Years Settings and one on Health and Well-being in Early Childhood.  She is the co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK and a Fellow of the HEA.  She is also an Associate and Trustee of several organisations, including International Early Years and Early Education

Michael Knight

Michael Knight has been working in the Sercurity Industry for over 20 years, mainly dealing with nightclubs. This involves training doorstaff in close quarter combat and conflict management 

He studied Ju-Jitsu for 17 years, 10 of which were teaching adults. In 1998 Michael was announced as British   Ju-Jitsu champion.

We are pleased to welcome Michael to conference this year after his great class he gave at April’s International Nanny Traing Day.


Deearna Withey

Back by popular demand from last years sellout conference Deearna will continue to explore sleep issues with us.

Laura Hellfeld

Laura is a nurse and children’s yoga instructor. Most importantlyshe is a mom of two boys who are the namesake of KoKoPie.
KoKoPie was created out of the accumulation of my science education, nursing career, yoga, and parenting experience. Laura has always loved learning about how to best take care of someone with considering both mental and physical health. Through the years, She has been lucky enough to have worked or volunteered with a large variety of people which includes in the critical-care setting, hospice, those experiencing homelessness, LGBT-QIA, and mental health.
Her nursing career went on hold as her family welcomed their first son and they moved to England. She didn’t give much thought into following any parenting styles when KoKo was born. Laura was lucky and had time off of work to spend all her days with him. She went to toddler groups, sports classes, and friends’ houses during the week. Weekends were family time and they typically went exploring the countryside. Then things started to get hard. KoKo stopped wanting to go into all of the familiar places he had been going to for over two years. He seemed to not want to get out of bed and his emotional ups and downs more frequent. She didn’t know what to make of it but chalked it up to terrible twos and  being over tired and now pregnant with his brother. JPie was born and KoKo receded even more. In contrast, JPie was born with a larger-than-life personality. We realized that KoKo is autistic and they were facing the challenge of how to manage a family with people who are very fundamentally different from one another. ILaura needed to learn how to parent in a way to respect and support each person in the family.
She realized that she needed a framework to wrap her head around in approaching parenting an autistic child. She immediately went back to  her science texts for their familiarity and guidance. From there, she realized that  her yoga and meditation practices could greatly benefit the whole family. Before she knew it, she had developed a lifestyle of living and parenting for both their children. Laura created KoKoPie to share what she had  learnt. “KoKoPie is for any family but I am particularly interested in children with developmental, behavioral, and emotional challenges. I aim to provide education and support to parents, child-care providers, and practitioners in a variety of modalities. I believe that we all have huge potential in working with our or other children. This education will help emotionally, physically, and intellectually support a child. All children can benefit from a lifestyle of self-awareness, emotional management, and positive, energetic connections. Our family has found great happiness together and I know that other families can too.”

Esther Maagdenberg

Esther Maagdenberg is the founder of We Nurture, a start-up that helps parents & nannies build great working relationships by offering online on-the-job training and coaching. While working as a nanny in the Netherlands she found that her background as a researcher (she studied Anthropology) helped her build great relationships with the parents she worked with.
She will offer a workshop focussing on hands-on research skills and professional communication for nannies that help build working environments in which nannies, parents and children thriv


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Our chosen Charity for 2019 is ERIC The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity. We are a truly International conference with Nannies coming from Switzerland, New Zealand, America and UK. Colin the Bear will be there will you?

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