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2019 Events

It’s nice to have events just for us where you can chat, have fun without your charges hanging off you.
But then why should we let you have all the fun as we do get paid to do the most rewarding job and we love our charges so much that we want you to bring them along for a little bit of fun too.
So we thought very hard over a coffee or two and came up with the below events. We’ll try our very best to make them accessible to everyone just shout like a toddler if there’s not one in your area

We all deserve a good time! A chance to let our hair down and relax. Round up your nannies! Tell those at the playgroup or the playground, come and have fun.

This is the event to bring your charges to. There will be eggs to hunt, crafts to make and bring a picnic to eat. This event is FREE so even better. There maybe an egg or two for you.

International Nanny Training Day is where 5 countries join forces to provide workshops and of course some fun. This is our 4th year and we are holding our Bake Off competition. Bring a cupcakes, cookies or a cake and let your fellow peers be the judges.. 

We may have some super powers but forecasting the weather isn’t one of them. This year we have decided to take our party inside. 

If you go down to the park today you better bring a bear. We are hoping for sunshine, so join us for our annual Teddies Bears Picnic. Events will be held in North, South , East and West London with an event in Surrey too.

There’s Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Nurses and Teachers Day so we will be joining our overseas friends for a week long event to celebrate all things Nanny.  22-298 September 2019

Keynote speaker Dr Janet Rose, 3 rooms, 6 fantastic workshops to choose from, plus the chance to socialise with our sponsors and vendors. The only Nanny Conference  in the United Kingdom in 2019, plus for the first time ever it will be CPD approved.

This is our way of saying thank you. UK Nanny Awards will take place over afternoon tea in London

Nominations are now closed

Celebrate getting through another year of being a nanny with our Christmas party. What happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party.

This is where you get the chance to have an input into 2019 events. Would you like to host an event? Make sure you attend our general meeting in the Spring. Remember having a team makes the dream work!


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