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Nanny Night Out 2018


We join together with our fellow Nannies for National Nanny Night Out. Our aim is to bring nannies together from around the UK for fun and laughter.

At the moment we have one event being hosted in London. If you would like to host your own event, please get in touch and we can help you organise it, the only condition is that it needs to be on 24th February.

Your event can be anything from bowling to afternoon tea. It can be big or small with just a few of your nanny friends, or your whole nanny circle. 

Use our hashtags to let us see what you're up to

#NannyNightOut2018 #UKnanny #UKNanny

12:30pm – 3:30pm

Come and have fun at our annual event in London at Queens skate dine bowl.
This year we have decided to go bowling to give you the chance to have fun without your charges.
See how many pins or cocktails you can knock down you never know there may be a prize or two.

Space is limited.

For more information on our events, follow us on social media or join our UK Nanny Events facebook group.

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